I’ve just released a new course on Pluralsight, called Managing Microsoft Azure App Services.  This is the first of two courses on Azure App Services – Microsoft’s platform-as-a-service offering for hosting web apps, mobile apps, APIs, and Function Apps (which are small pieces of event-driven code to operate on data).  This course explains the different types of app services, and gives you all the basics to deploy and secure a PaaS Web App.  I cover a couple of deployment options (the next course on Azure App Service Plan will have an entire module on this topic), how to secure your web app using Azure Active Directory, and how to leverage deployment slots to verify an app before swapping the app into production with a few clicks.  There’s also an entire module on configuring custom domains, so you don’t have to use the default .azurewebsites.net domain.  And another module on configuring an SSL certificate for your custom domain – you can bring your own cert or purchase it right in the Azure Portal and let Microsoft manage the certificate for you; which makes life a lot easier.

The course is in the administrator path, but it’s been my experience that these are all tasks that developers need to know also.  Whether you’re setting up a DEV environment or responsible for the DevOps configuration for your project, you need to know these tasks.

Next month I’ll be releasing a course on the parent container for App Services, which is the App Service Plan.  This will include modules on how to set up auto-scaling to handle spikes in load, how to configure Azure CDN to accelerate the performance of your App Service, more deployment options, and details on monitoring App Services.